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About Nikki Madison

Freelance Copywriter and Editor

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The title of this page is a bit of a misnomer. Why, you ask? The truth is what I do isn’t very much about me.

It’s all about you and your customers. I’m the hard worker in the background, putting everything into creating content that focuses on your customers–how they feel, what they want, and how you can help them. I craft the right words that show your customers why they need you and your products or services to feel happier, get more out of life, save money, know more, or reach their potential.

Of course, you want to know that I have the skills and experience to deliver on my promises, so here’s just a bit about me:

I have provided freelance writing and editing services for almost two decades. I work with organizations of all sizes, representing widely varied industries. Many of my clients are Fortune 500 companies, though I’m just as happy to work with start-ups, sole proprietors and non-profits.

Freelance writing and editing aren’t side jobs I do in my spare time. This is my business.

When you hire me as your freelance copywriter, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of an in-house copywriter, without the expense of a full-time employee. I’ll free you and your staff to focus on other critical tasks, knowing that I have your written content covered. There’s no hand-holding required with me on your side. I meet all deadlines and produce consistently top-notch copy.

Whether you need formal, casual, informational, or salesy material, I’ll leave nothing to chance in ensuring the success of your business ventures.

Let’s talk. I’m sure I can help you.

Your success is my success!